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After retiring five of his most iconic tricks and turning them into NFTs in December's 'Last Trick Skateboard Collection,' the GOAT of skateboarding Tony Hawk is now auctioning off the boards in which he used to perform such landmark tricks. In continuing the icon's partnership with Autograph, the 1-of-a-kind, signed physical assets will come with an NFT which features a 3D scanned digital replica of the board.

The auctions for each board will take place separately throughout the day on April 19th, with the boards associated with Hawk's 'Gymnast Plant,' 'Finger Flip,' 'Magic Dance' and 'Varial 540' all up for grabs. The auctions will be hosted by DraftKing's marketplace, with Hawk stating that fiat bids with no minimum can be placed, in order to allow as many fans as possible to participate. To reward fans even further, 13,690 points will be added to the Tony Hawk NFT 'Collection Score' of each auction's winner.

With the Tony Hawk NFT 'Collection Score' in mind, and for those wondering where the fifth board is, the 'Rise & Surprise' campaign for preexisting Tony Hawk NFT holders has already chosen a winner for the NFT and board combination associated with Hawk's 'Frontside Cab'.

The winner, as well as those who get their mitts on the remaining four boards, will have no leg work to do in wake of their triumph, as Autograph will be obligated to send the physical skateboards to each winner via USPS, Fedex, or UPS.


Despite the development of its own NFT marketplace being at the forefront of its rumour mill for some time now, crypto-exchange Coinbase has recently announced its plans to produce a three-part film featuring NFTs. More precisely, the NFTs used in the film will be those which fall under the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) brand umbrella, with Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, and ApeCoin all getting a mention.

The film will be called The Degen Trilogy, and will feature interactive and engaging elements which, with the help of the hugely influential BAYC brand, Coinbase hopes will bring a billion people to the crypto community. Coinbase's entertainment arm will be responsible for the production of the project, whilst the BAYC NFT community will be responsible for its crowdfunding.

Although a release date nor a production schedule have been announced yet, Coinbase has confirmed that it'll be giving community members the chance to live the life of a Hollywood star vicariously through their NFT, as Bored Ape owners have been asked to submit their ape for 'casting'. The company then stated that the second part of the film series will be the turn of Mutant Ape owners to submit their NFTs.

Coinbase also confirmed that the movie will feature some form of ApeCoin element too, however, away from such information, predicting the film's premise would be next to impossible at this moment in time.


World-renowned American business magazine Forbes has unveiled a preview into its latest blockchain endeavour, the Billionaires NFT collection. To facilitate the industry-first collection, the media giant partnered with leading global cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

The collection's sale includes an initial drop of 100 Virtual NFT Billionaires, which when sold out, can be purchased on secondary marketplaces. Early access to the collection was made available to Forbes subscribers on April 11th, with the sale going public on April 13th.

The Virtual NFT Billionaires are a set of fictional investors with an enormous portfolio of property and overall net worth (which can be seen on a hypothetical ranking system). Each will also have its own set of eccentric hobbies and quirks, as well as their own profile page on featuring a custom illustrated headshot by image rendering agencies Goodog and ItsACat.

In speaking on the launch Vadim Supitskiy, Chief Technology Officer at Forbes, had this to say: “The launch of this collection is an important step as Forbes embraces Web3 and digital assets, and it provides an opportunity for our audience to better engage in this space too”.

Such release of interactive collectibles is by no means the company's first foray into the metaverse, as last year it turned one of its magazine cover into an NFT, whilst in March it hosted the inaugural Digital Assets and Web3 Summit for key industry leaders to attend.


A taste of the extraordinary has just landed on Long Beach California in the shape of the first ever BAYC-themed restaurant. For the next 90 days, Ape fans can indulge in a range of fast-food delights from the newly launched enterprise.

'Bored and Hungry' arrived on the scene last Saturday, the brainchild of Web3 entrepreneur, Andy Nguyen. Utilizing the intellectual property acquired by purchasing an ape last March for 90 ETH, patrons can expect to indulge in cartoonified surroundings and consume food served with NFT emblazoned packaging.

In addition, the fine establishment accepts payment in both $ETH and $APE, as well as old fashioned dollars. Thereby enabling high-tech gastronomes to purchase their experimental foodstuffs using their currency of choice. The new food venue opened its doors on April 9, and was met with customers queueing around the block to get their first taste of Bored and Hungry goodness.

Following the opening, Bored & Hungry paraphernalia has reached the trading hub of eBay. Wherein, optimistic resellers have so far received no bids for their $200 pre-owned empty fries' carton. No sign of the establishment as of yet on the top review sites however.


In a recently hosted open forum, industry leading coffee house Starbucks has announced its interest in entering the metaverse. Despite failing to release any specific information regarding such endeavour, the company's CEO Howard Schultz made no hesitation in affirming that its Web3 plunge will take place before the end of 2022.

More specifically, Schultz pointed to the 'NFT business' as the company's intended area of direction, where he also alluded to the brand's competitive advantage over mainstream bodies who've already delved into the space: 'If you look at the companies, the brands, the celebrities, the influencers that are trying to create a digital NFT platform and business, I can't find one of them that has the treasure trove of assets that Starbucks has, from collectibles to the entire heritage of the company'.

With regards to such comments, it is possible that Schultz is referring to Starbucks' household-name stature, which has not only helped firmly cement the company's place in the primordial history of the 21st century, but has also enabled it to amass an astronomical valuation that surpasses $13.3 billion.

With such financial backing in mind, it would be wise to assume that, like its physical franchise locations, the company's Web3 footprint will have the capacity to stretch far and wide, with the likelihood of heavy-hitting, inter-industry partnerships being a prevalent possibility.


Market leading crypto wallet, MetaMask, has unveiled a set of game-changing upgrades for iPhone users. Most notably, the ability to effortlessly buy crypto directly using the Apple Pay system.

In order to increase the buying power of the average iPhone user, MetaMask has upgraded its IOS offering. Going forward, Apple users will no longer rely on third party exchanges to buy their delicious coin. Now, they can buy directly using the credit or debit card attached to their Apple Pay account.

MetaMask has launched the new compatibility through both the Wyre and Transak gateways. Thus, enabling users to interact with the blockchain in over 60 accepted world currencies. All the while, experiencing additional benefits through lower gas fees, of which, MetaMask has revealed it will take no profit from the accrued transaction costs.

Furthermore, to cater for the vampires and night dwellers among us, MetaMask has finally launched its dark mode for iPhone users. Now, those compelled to live in darkness and shun the light can save their retinas from the blinding brightness of the default setting. The grand new feature will apply automatically based on the user's device preference.


Hardware wallet pioneer, Ledger, has announced a partnership with open world metaverse, The Sandbox. Together, they will launch a whole region of security-focused interactive experiences within the virtual realm.

Through the epic alliance, Ledger has acquired an incredible 36 plots of virtual land. On which, they aim to develop the fantastic Ledger academy, a huge swathe of gamified educational facilities designed to teach attendees the ins and outs of crypto security. Thereby, providing guests with the knowledge required to safely manage their crypto-based assets, while remaining one step ahead of the unscrupulous hackers and scammers that inhabit the blockchain.

In addition, Ledger will also open an 'Office Hours Bar' within the metaverse. Here, guests can pay a visit to the customer support team, and discuss and problems they may have encountered. Or alternatively, just seek some useful product advice and mingle with likeminded individuals.

Through the initiative, both The Sandbox and Ledger will aim to empower their users with a greater understanding of blockchain security, as well as provide a front facing location to interact with the Ledger team on a more personal level. This will help to establish a useful set of real world tools designed to improve the digital lives of all concerned.


MGM Resorts is set to host Las Vegas' first-ever NFT-ticketed event. The live experience will be conducted in partnership with YellowHeart NFT platform, and will be centred around a performance titled 'TIMELESS', which is the newest production of world-famous dance crew Jabbawockeez.

The 1,110 NFTs from The Jabbawockeez White Glove NFT Ticket Collection will be used as tickets for the event, with each serving as access to one of the crew's performances at the MGM Grand which run from April 7th to April 30th.

After the performance which corresponds to each NFT ticket has ended, the NFTs' ticket function will transform into a vibrant Jabbawockeez colour video, which will serve as a digital key that locks a select tier of exclusive offers and benefits depending on the ticket type purchased.

With this in mind, there are two ticket bundles to choose from, with the VIP MC bundle, priced at $142, coming with exclusive Jabbawockeez digital collectibles and TIMELESS content, as well as membership to the MGM Rewards and Jabbawockeez NFT Community.

The VIP ICON bundle, priced at $312, will come with both of the above, plus access to a Jabbawockeez meet and greet, as well as signed merchandise. Both ticket types will also come with a food and beverage voucher that can be redeemed at the iconic venue’s Level Up Lounge.

Andrew Machado, one of MGM Resort's senior vice presidents, has since spoken on the company's onboarding of NFTs to the Entertainment Capital of the World: “NFTs usher in a new era for fans where the ticket itself is an ever-evolving experience that begins before the curtain lifts and continues long after the show ends. At MGM Resorts, we strive to create immersive experiences that wow our guests and Jabbawockeez is the perfect partner for our first NFT. They're amazing creators who are always willing to step outside the box with us to innovate. We're confident their highly engaged fan base will be incredibly excited to be a part of this new experience”.


An Azuki NFT has recently sold for 420.7 ETH (approximately $1.4 million), making it the largest sale for an asset in the anime-themed collection. The NFT in question is Azuki #9605, which is considered the collection's second rarest asset due to 6 of its 9 traits being seen in less than 1% of all other NFTs in the collection.

The landmark purchase was made on March 30th by OpenSea user 'jdizzles', from RedBean DAO member and notorious Azuki NFT holder, 'trevault'. It marked the second record-breaking NFT endeavour from the buyer, as last month saw them pay a whopping 200 ETH for Invisible Friends #1125, an amount previously unseen within the collection.

The sale also trumps the previous Azuki NFT sales record, which stood at $560,000.

The project's founders, LA startup Chiru Labs, released the 10,000 asset collection back in January, however over its first two months of action, it has already become the most sought-after anime-themed project in the space, as signalled by its generation of over $500 million in OpenSea sales. As described by the founders themselves, the project's popularity may stem through its provision of access to a corner of the internet where art, community, and culture fuse to create magic.

As expected, interest in Azuki #9605 has continued following its high-profile sale, as currently, a bid of a little over 60 ETH (which is 242% above the collection's 17.65 ETH floor price) has been made, however as economics would suggest, a reinstated record-breaking bid will probably have to be made in order to take the asset from jdizzles' grasp.


Revered society of perpetual primates, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, has gone supernova with its new merch drop, allowing holders of its infamous collectibles to swap their newly acquired $ApeCoin for things and stuff.

According to sources, owners of both the Bored and Mutant Apes can redeem their sweet coin for a wide range of real-world goods. Therefore, lining the shelves, collectors can find hoodies, hats, sports apparel and comfort blankets, each adorned with simian designs and the familiar monkey-themed logos.

Response to the drop has been a mixed bag. As such, some collectors snapped up the ape wearables with ardent enthusiasm, while others remain unimpressed by the unreliable platform and failed transactions. Going further, one disgruntled participant labelled the whole thing a 'shitshow'.

The more skeptical cross section of ape society however, questions the motives of Yuga Labs, the company behind the operation. The recently launched ApeCoin also provides governance opportunities via the ApeDAO, something fans have been keen to point out is neither decentralized, or autonomous.

Through this DAO, holders of the aforementioned ApeCoin will receive voting rights on company decisions, while the Yuga Labs merchandise operation will hand those governance tokens right back to the company in charge.


The original warrant for Nelson Mandela's arrest has been sold as an NFT for $130,000. The digitalised continuation of the icon's legacy serves as the latest example of how blockchain technology can be leveraged in order to enhance humanitarian causes, as its sales revenue will be donated to The Liliesleaf Museum Heritage Site.

In addition to the NFT itself, its holder will also receive exclusive access to the original document, which was donated to The Liliesleaf Museum back in 2004.

The Liliesleaf Museum Heritage Site is based on Liliesleaf Farm, a place close to Johannesburg which served as the secret headquarters of the African National Congress. It was here where Mandela and other party leaders would hide from authorities, with many being arrested there in 1963, a year after Mandela's second arrest. After apartheid ended, the farm was reopened to visitors, where it has since served as a dedicated space for showcasing the country's struggle for democracy.

With regard to what the injection of cash will do for the heritage site, Ahren Posthumus, the CEO of Momint, the NFT's auction site, had this to say: "They have been badly affected by the lack of tourism due to COVID. So this is a way to revitalize their flow and keep history alive".

The NFT sale isn't the first blockchain benefactor of the ever-important place of education, as last year, the museum received around $50,000 following the auction of a NFT of a pen gun owned by Mandela's fellow freedom fighter, Oliver Tambo.


Ever-present 8-bit apes, the CyberKongz, have launched a revolutionary upgrade to their 5,000 strong collection. Each design now lives fully on-chain in the shape of the first ever NFT-bound token in existence.

A little over a year ago, a set of pixelated primates descended on the blockchain in a lesson on how to launch an NFT project. The CyberKongz offered genuine exclusivity, originality, and that often-overlooked quality, ingenuity. For sure, much must be said for an NFT collection that commands a 63 ETH ($218k) floor, while keeping a relatively low profile.

So, in the spirit of invention, the CyberKongz have taken their collection that one step further. Back on March 26, owners of the genesis Kongz, as well as the baby Kongz may have noticed an additional token appear in their wallet. This exceptional addition contains the CyberKongz DNA, a fully on-chain replica of the original NFT.

The new addition will therefore maintain the CyberKongz designs until the end of time, while providing continual proof of concept and ownership in perpetuity. Each on-chain Kong remains gasless, and non-user transferable, forever attaching itself to the original item. Therefore, remaining NFT-bound to its official counterpart, going where it goes, decentralized and trustless until the eventual collapse of humanity.


As any great company can stand testament, a solid rebranding can elevate an enterprise and set in motion its plans for the future. It is for this reason then, that Cryptovoxels looks to shake off the chains of its lengthy moniker and rebrand purely as 'Voxels'.

The change was due to take place on the year's least trustworthy date, April 1st. However, due to a few teething problems involving the emergence of scam sites, the 'Voxels' team has pushed this launch back to everyone's favourite Star Wars Day, May 4th.

What this means for Cryptovoxels however, is a more mature approach to the company as it distances itself from the 'Crypto' and firmly places itself in camp voxel world building. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the team has currently engaged itself in a spot of troll-hunting. Therefore, routing out the undesirables looking to exploit the name change. So far, web hosting protocol, Namecheap, has taken down one bogus website, while the team scours the internet for any more.

The change in name marks the first of several upgrades to the Cryptovoxels empire. As such, the soon-to-be Voxels team will follow it up with the hugely anticipated governance token launch. An epic addition currently under development through the Scarcity Island project.


A crypto wallet going by the name of 'cchan' has sold a $350,000-valued Bored Ape NFT for a mere 115 DAI ($115), as well as a Mutant Ape NFT for 25 DAI ($25). As of now, the reasoning behind the anomaly sales remain unknown, with rumours circulating that they could've been a mistake, a deliberate act, or a hack.

A Mistake?

As investigators have pointed out, the strange sales don't appear to be of the prevalent 'fat finger' sort, as many are suggesting that cchan somehow mistook DAI for ETH. Such hypothesis is backed up by the fact that there were bids of 75 ETH and 106 ETH placed on the Bored Ape in question, which cchan failed to accept.

In addition, and after investigating the activity of one of the buyers, it is evident that they had been making multiple bids in DAI for Bored Apes, seemingly to trick someone into mistaking it for ETH. Using this mode of logic, it can be concluded that the plan worked, with cchan being its perilous victim.

A Deliberate Act?

Saying that, the hypothesis can perhaps be debunked by the fact that cchan would have had to consciously approve the use of DAI before selling both assets (which were sold within a minute of each other). Here, and with this synopsis, it could be argued that the sales, for an unbeknownst reason, were part of a deliberate move.

A Hack?

However, to trump both of these conclusions, a Twitter user claims to have contacted cchan, where they responded saying that they were unaware of the sales. Intuitively, this further suggests that cchan's account had in fact been compromised.

Regardless of the truth behind the matter, and unless cchan has some form of connection to the Apes' new owners, one thing that is certain is that cchan has missed out on a large sum of cash, as they initially acquired Bored Ape #835 for $50,000 last summer, with its sports sunglasses and cigarette traits suggesting that its true value would sit way above the collection's $350,000 floor price.

Cchan also failed to claim the ApeCoin airdrops that were available to them through their Bored Ape and Mutant Ape ownership, which meant that following the purchase, the Bored Ape's new owner cashed in on the airdrop to rake in 12,136 Ape tokens ($180,000).


Manufacturer of tremendous timepieces, Bulgari, has integrated NFT tech into its latest wristwatch, enabling an additional digital aspect to its latest device, as well as providing proof of ownership.

Bulgari's $440k Octo Finissimo Ultra timepiece represents the pinnacle of mechanical craftsmanship, bringing together the digital and physical domains in one perfectly presented device. Taking centre stage on the largest gear in this elegantly constructed keepsake, owners will find a QR code which upon scanning, will take the bearer to a digital representation of the finely tuned accessory.

In addition to finding a high resolution, animated rendering of the incredible wristwatch, explorers will also be able to see a wealth of information relating to this clockwork masterpiece, including its history and concept as well as design sketches and manufacturing process.

Measuring at just 1.8mm thick, the exquisite timepiece holds the record for the world's thinnest mechanical wristwatch. Achieving this incredible title, by using the latest cutting-edge tooling techniques, as well as the finest sandblasted titanium and tungsten carbide that money can buy.

So, for the ultimate flex in the NFT realm, consider this gloriously opulent piece of Bulgari history, where digital meets the physical, resulting in the perfect blend of old meets new.


It appears Decentraland's inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week (DMFW) has no intention of closing its illustrious line-up list, as now, American cosmetic brand Estee Lauder have announced their participation in the virtual celebration.

As you may've guessed, lathering on face cream, applying make up, or spraying perfume aren't necessarily activities associated with a typical catwalk show, which is why the female beauty brand is steering clear of the runway scene, and is instead offering a collection of free NFTs via a unique, serum-inspired experience.

At an unconfirmed location in the event, Estee Lauder have constructed a building-sized 'bottle' based on its flagship, Advanced Night Repair Serum, which fashionistas can further enter in order to receive a free NFT. Just as the brand's products intend to do so in the physical world, the NFT will serve as a facial cream to uplift the complexion of the recipient's avatar, whereupon application, its virtual skin will be left with a glowing, radiant look.

As you'd expect in a Fashion Week, and through participation from the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Selfridges, and more, the event, which takes place between March 24th and March 27th, will host ample opportunity for fans to satisfy their stylistic kicks and receive corresponding fashion NFTs whilst doing so.

With this in mind, Estée Lauder's novel introduction essentially fills in a gap in the event's market, as now, to complement their new vogue acquisitions, visitors will be able to round off their luxury aesthetic by consulting the excellence of Estée Lauder and its avatar face cream NFT.


The most successful English football team, Liverpool FC, is diving into the realm of NFTs through its inaugural LFC Heroes NFT collection. The collection will be centred around each of the team's 23 iconic squad members, as well as their superstar manager, Jürgen Klopp.

All in all, the collection will feature 24 one-of-one, NFT editions (one for each player and Jürgen Klopp). The NFTs will be part of the Legendary 1/1 auction, and the Hero limited edition sale, which both take place on Sotheby's Metaverse between March 30th and April 1st.

Each NFT will feature a combination of Match Mode, Fresh Mode, and Super Mode traits for their bodies, arms and heads, with the traits becoming increasingly extravagant as their rarity mode increases. The player residing in each NFT will remain a mystery until a purchase is made.

In addition to owning an exclusive NFT depicting a football hero worth millions, owners will also join a passionate Web3 community surrounding the iconic team, where they will gain access to an LFC community forum, unique experiences, virtual hang-outs, competitions, guest appearances, updates from the LFC Foundation, and LFC retail discounts.

The club will also be donating 50% of its Legendary 1/1 proceeds, 10% of its limited edition Hero proceeds, and 10% of the resale royalties, to the LFC Foundation, its official charity which strives to deliver sustainable and long-term development to areas of high deprivation.


Despite Decentraland's inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week almost being upon us, its list of illustrious contributors and attendees continues to expand. Designer label Tommy Hilfiger is the latest world-renowned clothing brand to announce its invitation to the virtual celebration. The US label have informed fans that it will use the virtual catwalk to showcase its Spring 2022 collections, along with providing consumers with a digital retail platform that features Tommy Hilfiger-crafted NFTs.

The brand's virtual store will be open throughout the Fashion Week's four day span between March 24th-27th, and will reside within the virtual lifestyle and cultural playground, Boson Portal. Here, fans will be able to purchase Tommy Hilfiger wearable NFTs which will also be redeemable for physical products.

The virtual store will allow customers to teleport their avatar to the virtual store and shop a select range of limited-edition products from the Spring 2022 Tommy Hilfiger collection. In addition to the Boson Protocol metaverse marketplace, the Tommy Hilfiger NFTs will also be available for purchase on the Decentraland marketplace.

If, for whatever reason, the classic, preppy-come-casual designs of Tommy Hilfiger are not to your stylistic tastes, there's no reason to worry, as appearances from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Selfridges, Jacob & Co, Franck Muller, Garrett Leight, Cavalli, and The Fabricant on Decentraland's virtual runway will ensure all fashionista kicks are satisfied.


A number of prominent Chinese tech giants have taken proactive measures with regards to the regulation of NFTs, all in anticipation of a tightening of controls from the government regarding the speculative trading of digital assets.

Despite administering a total ban on cryptocurrencies last September, the Chinese government has so far taken a more relaxed view of non-fungible tokens. However, it is still keen to reign in any collections that represent speculative trading, as well as the use of trading bots across the industry.

So, to combat this, Chinese social media giant, Wechat, has removed a number of NFT related accounts from its platform, citing policy violation and illegal trade as the core reason for the decision. Notably, major digital collectable platforms, Xihu No1 and DongYiYuanDian saw their accounts banned.

In addition, Ant Grou's 'digital collectibles' arm, Whaletalk, as well as WeChat parent, Tencent, both updated their terms and conditions, resulting in increased penalties for misusing their services and embarking on illegal activities.

All three companies have responded to a lack of regulatory clarity within the NFT sector. Consequently, expecting further controls to arrive in the near future. Companies are now also tightening the rules and regulations surrounding their platforms while the Chinese government mulls over its next move.


Drawing from the apparent boating fascination brought on by the Bored Apes, Cloud Yachts has jumped into the market. As if some NFTs weren't exclusive enough, this one costs $12 million dollars, and comes with its own Tactical yacht, paving the way for NFT-backed luxury goods of the highest calibre.

NFTs of incredible nautical produce are offered, which then constitute terms of the sale. Once agreed, the team will begin the building process to make the designs a reality.

Not just a pipe dream however, as Cloud has already sold its first item, a 110-foot (33.5 meter) superyacht, built by venerable ship building firm, Tactical. To get into the nuts and bolts of the deal, a quick peruse of OpenSea reveals that the NFT represents a contract for the build, while the buyer will transfer the bulk of the fuds off-chain.

Following the sale, Tactical will spend the next 36 months building the incredible floating homestead, in addition to the buyer customizing the item in glorious augmented reality. Then, on completion, the new owner, believed to be a Texan businessman, will receive the completed yacht along with a second NFT for good measure.


Continuing an apparent trend of resurrecting cherished projects from the late 90s, much loved media player, Winamp, will return to the public consciousness, tugging at the heartstrings of many a millennial, by re-emerging as an NFT skin.

Heavy with nostalgia, the prized asset will arrive via public auction on OpenSea from May 16 to 22. As a result, fans of the 'greatest music player of all time' can bid for the rights to copy, reproduce and display the image to their hearts content. All the while, safe in the knowledge the funds will go to the Winamp Foundation. A non-profit charity that will distribute the well gotten gains to a number of worthy music-related causes.

Following the auction, Winamp will additionally conduct a sale of 1,997 derivative designs based on the skin, relating directly to the year it was launched. All in all, 20 artworks will make the grade, sold in 19 batches of 100, and one batch of 97, all retailing at a flat 0.08 ETH each. Anyone looking to take part can submit their artworks via the Winamp website. Successful applicants will receive 20% of the sale price.

A quick scan of OpenSea however, reveals that a number of fake projects have already surfaced. So, beware of those unscrupulous individuals who look to hoodwink innocent collectors around the globe.


The Bored Ape Yacht Club, a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), announced the introduction of its new cryptocurrency token ApeCoin (APE) on March 17, sparking considerable interest in the cryptocurrency market.

Shortly after launch, the price of APE spiked quickly to around $40, before plummeting abruptly to approximately $8.50 a short time later.

Currently, ApeCoin is trading at $13.30, up 68.03% in the last 24 hours, climbing as high as $17.75 earlier in the day, according to CoinMarketCap data.

At the time of publication, the token had a total market worth of $3.6 billion, adding $1.3 billion to its value on March 18.


Metaverse fashion brand Space Runners has announced its raising of $10 million in a recent funding round. The funds will be used to leverage the expansion of its fashion item business lines, in preparation for the launch of its official metaverse game.

The round was co-led by Polychain, Pantera Capital, Accel, Jump Capital and other participants, with Yat Siu, the co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, and Justin Kan, the co-founder of Twitch and Fractal, also getting involved.

In essence the funding will help develop the core ambition of Space Runners, which is to create a revolutionary space in the metaverse where its branded fashion items can be flaunted, celebrated, and most importantly, gamified.

With this in mind, the new injection of funds will allow the Space Runners team to continue their mission to becoming the largest supplier of interoperable fashion items across NFT games and the metaverse. In doing so, the team will also seek to develop the metaverse which surrounds such fashion items, as it plans to enhance its innovative 'wear-to-earn' model. The model offers incentives and rewards to participants who jump onboard the Space Runners metaverse fashion bandwagon.

Such efforts, as well as the launch of its inaugural 10,000 NFT collection 'NBA Champions' in December (which was made in collaboration with basketball stars Kyle Kuzma and Nick Young), will ultimately culminate in a metaverse game which is set for launch later this year.


Vertically integrated metaverse technology company TerraZero Technologies has acquired a 185-parcel of virtual real estate in the Decentraland metaverse. The plot, which was sold by renowned Decentraland entrepreneur Carl Fravel, has an estimated worth of $2,775,000, and will be used to build a major entertainment centre.

Fravel's contribution in TerraZero's virtual construction does not stop at his sale, as he has since been employed by the company to act as a strategic advisor. Here, Fravel will bring his expertise in metaverse operations into the growing portfolio of TerraZero's products and services, including within the compan's creation of a metaverse studio, which will allow it to expand across the Web3 ecosystem even further.

In regards to the upcoming TerraZero entertainment centre, the company and Fravel will work towards creating a fully holistic and immersive hub, where Decentraland users can enjoy experiences involving virtual concerts, film screenings, shopping, culture, and educational experiences.

Fravel has since commented on his new partnership with TerraZero: "The opportunities within the Metaverse of benefit to humanity are endless and I can't wait to help support and grow TerraZero, a company whose vision, leadership and ethics I have greatly admired. I am thrilled to be a significant shareholder of TerraZero and I am excited to watch the future of the Metaverse unfold".

In addition to its grand virtual land acquisition (which sits as one of largest real estate sales in Decentraland history), TerraZero have also bought leading NFT marketing platform BEAR NFT, which, with the aid of its metaverse studio, will diversify the company's virtual footprint across the metaverse even more.


The World of Women NFT collection and The Sandbox have partnered up to launch an inclusivity program with a $25 million backing over 5 years. The program is called the 'WoW Foundation,' and will promote the presence of women in Web3 ecosystems through education and mentorship initiatives.

The joint venture is an extension of the preexisting values of the illustrious World of Women NFT collection, which was set up in July 2021 to combat the lack of female artist involvement (a mere 5% to be precise) within NFT art sales in the 21 months prior to its inauguration.

With this sociological issue in mind, the foundation's funding will be used to launch a virtual academy for female artists, as well as to invest in diverse and inclusive spaces for women in Web3. In doing so, and by acting as an incubator, advisor, and platform to enter The Sandbox ecosystem, the partnership aims to encourage more female participation in the space.

The WoW Foundation will also offer free online lessons on all things Web3, which will take place via immersive experiences in The Sandbox. Once students have completed the course, they will receive a certified 'NFT diploma'. A WoW Museum will also be established in The Sandbox, which will showcase the journey and achievements of the foundation and its students.

In a recent press release, co-founder and CEO of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, had this to say on the empowering initiative: "Through facilitating the education and funding of women's projects we hope these programs help establish a generation of influential women builders in the space".


To celebrate becoming live on both desktop and mobile, Brave Wallet, which is the crypto wallet feature built into the Brave web browser, is giving almost $500,000 in crypto prizes away. As its value suggests, the prize pot will include an array of coveted digital assets, with the flagship prize being a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT valued at 80 ETH.

The philanthropic endeavour is called the Brave Swap-stakes crypto sweepstakes, and will incorporate a series of giveaways throughout the dates of March 8th-March 14th. In addition to the BAYC NFT being up for grabs, Brave will also be giving away 4 ETH, 25 SOL, and 1,000 BAT, as well as 2 Lazy Lions NFTs, 5 Pudgy Penguins NFTs, and 3 World of Women NFTs. The prizes won’t all be released at once, and instead, will be gradually let loose throughout the giveaways’ six day course.

To be eligible for a given day’s prize pool, users must have a Brave Wallet address that’s active on the particular day in question, and they must also use the Brave Swap feature in that wallet to make at least one crypto swap on that day. In doing so, users will automatically become eligible for receiving the grand prizes.

Winners, who will be randomly selected by their wallet address, will realise their crypto-winning fate by receiving a freshly minted Golden Ticket NFT, which will be dropped into their wallet by Brave. The Golden Ticket NFT will function as a proof of win, as well as the asset which is redeemed in order to receive the actual prize.


This week, nft now worked with Olive Allen, a Russian visual artist currently based out of New York City, to create a video of her burning her Russian passport. In an interview, Allen stated that she wanted to set fire to the document in front of the Russian Consulate to protest the invasion of Ukraine.
"I do not believe in Putin's Russia. He failed the country and its people. I understand that the war is the Putin regime's fight for self-preservation. It is a tragedy," she said.
The video of the event will be turned into an NFT and auctioned off this Friday (Mar. 4) at 1pm ET via SuperRare. 100 percent of the funds raised from the auction will be sent to aid Ukrainians impacted by war.
Allen noted that leaving her home country wasn't easy, but stated that she's hopeful that the metaverse will provide new opportunities to connect with other humans. "Burning my passport is an act of coming out and being open about my national identity, despite the fears of being silenced as the unpopular Russian voice," she said. "It was a difficult decision to leave the country 11 years ago, but I chose to become a part of the larger world. I live knowing I have no place to come back to. Perhaps the metaverse will be the place I can call home,” Allen continued.

Allen isn't the only creator standing with Ukraine during these challenging times. Many members of the crypto and NFT communities are coming together to raise money and offer support for the country and its people. In fact, more than $52 million has been donated thus far. Projects like Allen's will only add to that total, providing significant (and much needed) aid to the war-torn country.

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